MongoDB 3.2 into xUbuntu 15.10

After I looked over the the steps from:  I wanted to start the service with:

Unfortunately I had below error:

Failed to start mongod.service: Unit mongod.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

This error occurred due to the problem with the new Ubuntu (15 and ahead).

Default init system is systemd which was Upstart previously. So you need to install Upstart, reboot your system and here you go, you can now run mongodb service.

  • Install Upstart

  • Reboot your system

sudo service mongod start mongod start/running, process 3371

As alternative to install mongodb:

Edit: 05.01.2016: Just follow below steps as an alternative to fix mongod.service:

Create a mongod.service into /lib/systemd/system/

Then run the commands:

My /etc/mongod.conf file looks like: