Dual-Track Scrum

If your product team is frustrated by the amount of waste and the slow pace in achieving actual business results, consider trying out Dual-Track Scrum.

Dual Track Scrum is a framework in which a product development team is continuously discovering what their customers needs are, and validating those needs using evidence and prototypes. Once an idea or need is validated, the need is then represented in the form of user stories and added into the product backlog.

Dual-Track Scrum advocates that the product owner/manager, the lead developer, and the UX/UI person constantly spend their time in the discovery space, while the rest of the team concentrates their efforts in delivery. So there are two tracks, each with a different focus but with one aim: to build products customers will love.

The Discovery track is all about quickly generating validated product backlog items, and the Delivery track is all about generating releasable software.
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